Current Data Quality Services Fail to Address B2B Data Decay

Data Quality Services Only Fix Data Hygiene Issues

There is no shortage of data quality tools, software and services. But all current data quality services fix only data hygiene issues such as data standardization, cleansing, de-duping, and enriching. None fix the B2B data decay problem caused due to employment churn. This is unaddressed quality problem has huge impact on B2B marketing campaign. Lester's Data-as-a-Service solution - Monitor, Discover and Grow - is filling this void. This Social Media based data quality service is unique. As of now, we know of no other service provider with a similar offering.

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Monitor detects and corrects first-party and third-party data decay from employment changes

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Discover enables marketers stay connected with old accounts by finding replacement executives

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Grow builds customized database of new accounts and contacts, not on radar of your competitors

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