The Cause of B2B Data Obsolesence or Decay

The Constant Churn in US Workforce

The US Labor Department's National Longitudinal Survey of Youth since 1979 shows that baby boomers held on average 11.7 jobs from age 18 to 48. This translates to a new job every two and a half year. Of the total new jobs started by 40 to 48 year olds, 32 percent ended in less than a year! The implications for B2B marketers are significant. Every year more than 25 percent of B2B data can decay and become stale. This data decay has huge negative impact on performance of renewal and new customer acquisition marketing campaigns.

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Monitor detects and corrects first-party and third-party data decay from employment changes

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Discover enables marketers stay connected with old accounts by finding replacement executives

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Grow builds customized database of new accounts and contacts, not on radar of your competitors

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