Impact of B2B Data Decay on Customer Retention Rates

Data Quality Decay Impacts Performance of All Outbound Marketing Channels

B2B data decay or obsolesence has a huge negative impact on performance of all outbound marketing channels - email, direct mail and telemarketing. B2B data decay lowers retention rate and increase acquisition cost. This chart shows the results of an illustrative telemarketing campaign to renew paid magazine subscribers. In this telemarketing renewal campaign as much as 25 percent of the customers are lost because they have moved to another company. For large campaigns, manually detecting these moves and reconnecting with existing customers is not only cumbersome but often not possible. This is the need that Lester's data-as-a-service offering - Monitor, Discover, and Grow - are filling.

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Monitor detects and corrects first-party and third-party data decay from employment changes

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Discover enables marketers stay connected with old accounts by finding replacement executives

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Grow builds customized database of new accounts and contacts, not on radar of your competitors

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