Different Uses Cases for Monitor, Discover & Grow


Social Media Based Data Quality Service Spawns Multiple Applications

Different Uses Cases for Monitor, Discover & Grow (MDG)

Today, since the launch of MDG, more than 20 leading B2B companies are using this social media based data quality service. These clients are coming with new ways to use MDG - to fix B2B data decay issues and realize improvements in their marketing campaigns. Applications that we had never thought off when MDG was launched. B2B records “killed” from marketing automation system are being brought back. Customized brand new B2B databases for Conference attendee recruitment are being built. Direct mail marketing efficiency is being boosted by detecting obsolescence before the campaign. Past event attendees are being reengaged to boost conference attendance. The application list goes on.

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Monitor detects and corrects first-party and third-party data decay from employment changes

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Discover enables marketers stay connected with old accounts by finding replacement executives

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Grow builds customized database of new accounts and contacts, not on radar of your competitors

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