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Sylvia Sierra is a well-known B2B marketing expert. Sylvia has received numerous industry awards including ARV award, B2B Top Innovator, Audience Development all Star. She is a frequent speaker at industry events, including Folio, Audience Development, Publishing Professional and Email Marketing Summit. Her expertise in audience development, data, fulfillment, & comprehensive understanding of the publishing industry is unparalleled in the media universe.

Sylvia Sierra has been appointed as Chief Strategic Advisor. She will accelerate the customer adoption of Lester's innovative Data-as-a-Service offerings into new markets. Lester's new services are changing the B2B marketing paradigm for Lead Generation, Event Marketing, Association Membership, Magazine & Newsletter Subscription and a whole host of other B2B marketing campaigns.

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How has technology changed the way you develop audiences?

I just attended the FUSE conference and continue to be marveled at the convergence of media and technology and how the latter has transformed the way we interact with subscribers and advertisers. I find it interesting that for all the pivoting media companies have done to digitally transform the business model, the industry has not transformed the way that audiences are cared for. We changed semantics from circulation to audience development, but have not changed budget silos for acquisition and retention and continue to use legacy processes based on audit timing and request to manage the relationship with the readers. So as I contemplate what is in the art of the possible, we should monitor our audiences on an ongoing basis and understand their changes and create continuous engagement. Think about the cost implications of the audit cycle approach. For audited products, we continue to try to reach out to those on the qualified file and produce and distribute our products without knowing if they are reaching the right decision maker. For non - audited products, where leads are the indicator of success, we continue to add names to the audience file but never ensure the quality of the data. We discuss GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out), and a good colleague refers to the reality of database hygiene as GINO: Garbage In, Never Out. I like to imagine an audience development program which monitors the audience and as they migrate from jobs we know where they are to ensure they maintain a relationship with the brand. We have the tools to do so today.

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